The Candyland WMC Mix


Candyland burst onto the Trap scene last year with remixes of “Snap Your Fingers” and “Gangster’s Paradise”. This week, the founders of Sweet Shop Records decided to do something special for the fans. In anticipation of Winter Music Conference, the California-based duo released a free EP via Facebook. The EP includes two versions of Time Flies‘ “Nothing at All”, neither of which are anything to write home about in this writer’s opinion. The “Festival Remix” has a big room feel. The “Not Festival Remix” is a hard Dubstep version of the track. Unfortunately for the latter, it is not fluid, the drop feels out of place and the song’s original vocals do not fit well with the the aggressive style.  Don’t expect to hear either version at festivals this year. The saving grace of the release is “Rick Rollin (Candyland’s OG Remix)”. Candyland distinguishes their Trap remixes by titling them “OG” (original gangster for those not familiar with the Hip Hop genre).  This remix is quite unique, a refreshing change from this often repetitious genre. A large part of this track’s originality has to do with the fast pace tempo. The first drop leads to a super funky vibe, replicated in the second drop. This track will have you doing the Astley Shuffle long after the sun sets on Winter Music Conference.

Time Flies – Nothing At All (Candyland’s Festival Remix)

Time Flies – Nothing At All (Candyland’s Not Festival Remix)

Rick Astley – Rick Rollin (Candyland’s OG Mix)