Kolombo’s OFF Recordings Podcast: Awesome


Today’s underground set is from the emerging G-House (Gangster House) movement that the likes of Amine Edge + DANCE and Kolombo have been pushing for a while now. While the fusion of hip hop and house is nothing new, G-House involves a more contemporary blend of deep house and some quality hip hop samples in the tracks. Take Kolombo’s “My Own Business” featured among MMIBY’s Best Deep/Tech House tracks of 2012 as a prime example of this emerging sub-genre.  While it appears that Amine Edge coined the shorthand term, let us not forget that DJ Sneak is the self-proclaimed “House Gangster” and his mix that I posted last week definitely has its hip hop flavor, so check that out if you’re craving more of the sound.  I’d venture to say that the G-House moniker applies perfectly to Kolombo’s March podcast featured here on this lovely Friday.  While not every track in mix is peppered with rap vocals, it does maintain a gangster edge that is right in my wheel house taste-wise. As a once- die hard hip hop fan and an avid deep house enthusiast, I am a sucker for the fusion of these two sounds.  Back to Kolombo: Belgian DJ/Producer aka Olivier Grégoire, has released tracks on Noir, 2Diy4, Kompakt, Future Classic, among a handful of others.  I anticipate a strong 2013 from our Belgian friend, and continued popularization of the G-House sound, so keep an eye out for this guy in the coming year. As far as this set goes, highlights include Sammy W & Alex E – Swag in addition to No Hopes & Sergey Tarasov – KFC, both are superb representations of the G-House sound. Enjoy.

1 / Yam Nor – I Wanna Feel
2 / Sammy W & Alex E – Swag
3 / Fapples – Love Dis Beat – Loulou Players Rmx
4 / Kolombo – Let’s Drink
5 / Djane Koki – Dismiss
6 / Amine Edge & DANCE – Gimme Tha Fonky Ass – Snazz & Guz Rmx
7 / No Hopes & Sergey Tarasov – KFC
8 / Jamie Lidell – Gypsy Blood – (Luuk D rmx) Kolombo Edit
9 / HNQO – We Do It – Kolombo Rmx
10 / Citizen Kain & Mister K – I Wanna
11 / Mono Negro – My only Best Friend – Kolombo Rmx

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