Lazy Rich’s Breakfast of Champions Remixes

breakfast of champions

Back in April of last year Lazy Rich dropped his then-newest banger “Breakfast of Champions” on his label Big Fish Recordings. Electro-House chainsaw massacre fans received a treat last week when Lazy Rich unveiled three new takes on the track. I can say with complete honesty that I had never heard of any of the artists who assumed remixing duties, but what I can also say is that these remixes go hard as a mother, fucker. None of the remixes are vastly different from Lazy Rich’s awesome original (they’re all Electro-House @ 128bpm), but they all do contain elements that make them unique. For example, I think my initial favorite is Zorastra‘s because it manages to bring in some funk while slowly building up to a destructive drop. If you can produce a song that is both funky and hard-hitting, you’ve probably got me in your wheelhouse as a fan. Rabbit Killer‘s remix is a surprising one because it starts off melodic and has elements of festival anthems but the drop is pretty insane. And whatever he did at 4:48 is something you wouldn’t expect towards the end of a song – make sure you check that part out! And let’s not forget about DJ Exodus, LJ-MTX, and A-Peace‘s collaborative remix because, you guessed it, it’ll make you want to punch a baby!

Make sure to check out all of these artists, who have 200 Facebook fans to over 10,000, and to show them some love. And don’t forget about the King of Electro-House Lazy Rich!

Lazy Rich – Breakfast Of Champions (Original Mix) | Purchase on Beatport
Lazy Rich – Breakfast of Champions (DJ Exodus, LJ-MTX and A-Peace Remix) | Purchase
Lazy Rich – Breakfast of Champions (Rabbit Killer Remix) | Purchase
Lazy Rich – Breakfast Of Champions (Zorastra Remix) | Purchase

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