Paces – Let You In/Hey Sippy!


For as many times as we’ve covered Paces here on the blog, it’s hard to believe he hasn’t made it further in the blogosphere. While still relatively unknown, the Australian producer has continued to impress me with his mixes, remixes and original productions and now, due to a delay in his debut label release, he’s decided to give away two of his new originals, giving a solid flavor of the direction he’s taking his music. We’ve been seeing a lot of great, very different sounding producers coming out of Australia along the lines of Flume and Ta-Ku and Paces is right there in the same league. The flavor is toned down and encompasses future down-under vibes (for lack of a better term) and the music is impossible to pin down genre-wise, which is what adds to the fun. I mean, just look at this guy and tell me you don’t just want to press play. Free download on both these gems.