Stay Awake


Here’s yet another amazing collaboration involving two extremely talented artists. Between the beautiful and blonde, Ellie Goulding, and the young, French genius, Madeon, they produced their newest track called, “Stay Awake”. This Electronic Pop/Drum and Bass hit was just released on Sunday and is now on sale on Beatport! I’ll make it even easier for you, click here to purchase it now! Its upbeat tempo colliding with the amazing vocals by Ellie will have this song replaying in your mind all day. It was apparently supposed to be released on Ellie Goulding’s recent album, “Holcyon”, but it wasn’t perfected by the time of the release. After seeing the successful response to the full album, she’ll definitely be coming back into the spotlight thanks to Madeon with this track being so hot.

Stay Awake-Ellie Goulding and Madeon