TWONK LP by Brillz

So this week, the post Miami music week, is kinda like christmas. Everyone went and had a good time with their family, met up with some friends they had not seen in a while, and now its time to share all the new toys they got with their friends, in a musical way.

Basically there is going to be a ridiculous amount of new music that artists released down in Florida this past two weeks that will be trickling on to our hard drives, and it will be our job to keep up with all of it so that you get the best of the best. It seems like producer/DJ Brillz was right on top of it by releasing a ten track LP only a few days after the conclusion of WMC.

This LP off of Slow Roast Records is fantastic, it is not often we see this many tracks released all at once on one album, and it is so nice to see such a great selection of additional artists that have influenced many of the tracks. Tracks featuring ETC!ETC! all the way to Codes gives me a lot of respect for Brillz as he is bringing in new talent and drawing influence from people that have been around the game for quite some time. Below I have posted a few of the tracks that are my personal favorites, enjoy.

The album is available for purchase off his Soundcloud right | HERE | and check out his facebook page right | HERE |