Wednesday Weather Report 3/13/2013

weather13thHappy hump day everyone, not only are we half way through the week, but Tuesday was leg day so we dont have to do that for another week, oh yeah and there is another WWR for you. The weather here to be honest has just been rubbish. This weekend was nice but yesterday and the day before has been those cold overcast days that just suck the energy out of you and make it that much harder to get out of bed. Since I have been so beat from the past weekend, and just overall resting up for saint patties day im gonna dish out some calmer deeper stuff that I have been groovin on.

First up from The Melt Compilation Volume 1(which by the way I highly suggest investing in) I have a track by artist Kloud titled “Ceremonies”. A pretty creative track that I find to be pretty relaxing.

Kloud – Ceremonies

Next up is another real chill record. A collaboration of Noah DeSmit and Robert Perry this really neat tune titled “Paradigm” definitely hit the spot for me today, something a little grimy yet fashionable.

Noah DeSmit, Robert Perry -Paradigm (Original Mix)

I have posted one other track on here by Branko (formerly known as J-WOW for obvious reasons) this summer, I still play the track out live and people are blown away by it, talk about an artists that is utterly almost unknown but still has an overwhelming wow factor, check out the post here. This track is a little different than what I have posted before but still exquisite.

Branko – Waves Feat. Roses Gabor

Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo released this track sometime around July of 2012, but it is a new discovery to me. This track has been made a free download in celebration of their Dappy EP released on Food Music. I am really digging the whole feel of this song from the ground up. A really nice bass feel with some very proper vocals gives me everything I need for right now.

Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo -None A Them

Everything is zipped up here fo you all – march13thweather

PS. artist Flume has released a music video for his smash hit “Holdin On” and its fantastic.