DECiBEL feat. Flowdan – Skanks (Jay Robinson Remix)

Following the EP from I Killed Kenny, four40records puts out a triumphant release in the form of another EP titled “Skanks”by  DECiBEL. I think its pretty evident where this song came from geographically, and I am not usually a fan of rhythmic vocals laid over such a great beat, but there is something about the grimy sound of FLOWDAN‘s voice that makes it acceptable.

This of course is not the original track “Skanks” that I am posting, it is the Jay Robinson remix, which in my opinion is the best out of the small remix collection released featuring artists such as LOL Gurlz, I Killed Kenney, ENiGMA dubz and others. I really dig the drum-line and the spot on melody, definitely a very underground dirty basement feel to it. Upon further investigation there is supposed to be a music video to be released along with it, very curious to how its going to go, considering the lyrics “number one rule, no tools no shanks just skanks in the dance.”.

Anyhow I give this record a whole mess of thumbs up and its definitely going into my playlist for good. Take a peek at the track below, and I will post a few more of the remixes on the EP following the break. Also check out some of the social media outlets from the contributing artists to show them some love.

Decibel feat. Flowdan – Skanks (Jay Robinson Remix)

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