Quinten 909 Turns “Hotline Bling” Into a Nu Disco Gem [FREE DOWNLOAD]

quinten 909 hotline bling

I’ll openly admit I am not a Drake fan, and I’m sure I’ll take plenty of shit for that. But where there’s an immensely popular artist who has created yet another catchy hit, there’s always a remix or two that grabs my attention. And as someone who DJs in his spare time, a classic trick to get people moving on the dance floor is to find a remix that uses vocals people can sing along to, and combine that with some sort of fat bass line or thumping beat. Enter Quinten 909, a fresh up and coming artist out of Amsterdam who is already receiving attention by some of my favorite labels in LouLou Records, Bunny Tiger, and Sleazy G. Quinten 909’s Nu Disco/G-House remix of “Hotline Bling” was featured as the opening track of a recent Dance Department episode and despite my dislike for the original song, I was definitely vibing to the remix.

I’d recommend taking a look around Quinten 909’s SoundCloud page, as there is plenty of funky music by way of originals, remixes, and DJ sets. One remix in particular you need to hear is Quinten 909’s remix of Wu Tang Clan’s “Gravel Pit”.