Ferry Corsten’s Rock Your Body Rock: The 2013 Editions


Typically when you think of an Arty Rock-N-Rolla Remix, you think of his widely popular and truly massive Rock-N-Rolla Remix of Ferry Corsten‘s “Punk“. Personally speaking, I think Arty’s “Punk” remix is one of his finest productions – whether we’re talking originals or remixes. It has such a drive, yet allows for a significant progressive build-up.

Enter Arty’s 2013 Rock-N-Rolla remix of the 2003 Ferry Corsten hit “Rock Your Body, Rock”. Having heard it on a recent Group Therapy Radio podcast (episode #021), I knew this was one to write about. I became an Arty fan when he was writing Trance music and I had long held on to my high regards for his music. Recently, however, I thought he was becoming too mainstream and too cheesy in both his live sets and his productions. Well guess what: Arty’s take on “Rock Your Body Rock” has me standing corrected. The sounds in this track (which, by the way, spans over seven minutes) are so unique, yet catchy enough to remember thanks to the elements of the original mix by Corsten. The first words that come to mind on Arty’s remix are “fart bass” and that’s completely fine with me, as I love me some good fart bass.

And let’s not sleep on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike‘s Mainstage Remix of “Rock Your Body Rock”, either. Ferry Corsten, at this point in his career, is pretty much a legend – so you know any official remix he puts out has to be legit. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have really made a name for themselves over the past couple years and around the 2:00 mark of their take on RYBR you can see why – that shit GOES HARD. While I may like Arty’s version better, there is no reason Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s version wouldn’t absolutely pummel a dance floor… or a mainstage crowd… because it really gets cranked up.

Regardless of which version you favor, make sure to grab all three and to show these guys some love, because this is truly dance music at the top of the pyramid.

Ferry Corsten – Rock Your Body Rock Original Extended Mix | Purchase on Beatport
Ferry Corsten – Rock Your Body Rock (Arty Rock-N-Rolla Mix) | Purchase on Beatport
Ferry Corsten – Rock Your Body Rock (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Mainstage Remix) | Purchase on Beatport