Wednesday Weather Report 4/3/2013

Spring has sprung, and in some sick form of a cruel joke, it snowed here on April first, and second, its cold as shit today. I honestly cannot wait for it to get warmer out here, my snowboard season was kind of a bust, on the account of me becoming a real person and all. At least this was a good winter in regards to how much music came up to VT, partially because most tours like to hit this spot on their way up to the venues in Montreal, but hey beggars cannot be choosers.

Well thanks again for tuning in with another rendition of the WWR. I honestly look forward to getting this out every Wednesday, hot women, me complaining about the weather, and free music, what else better can you ask for? This month is gonna be pretty exciting, I was just informed that I am support for Orchard Lounge in their second time back here in BVT in the last six months, thats pretty neat, and there is a bunch more going on in VT and Montreal that you can check out if you come click on our Burlington events page right here.

Check out some tunes after the break.

Starting out with one of the artists that got me interested in electronic music is the indistinguishable Jack Beats, do I need to say anything more?

A-Trak Feat GTA-Landline (Jack Beats Remix)

A remix of the track “TWERK” by E. Mackey comes something just a little insane from the lesser known but well respected Rell The Soundbender.

E.Mackey-TWERK (Rell the Soundbender Remix)

A little on the dark side, this was initially put down as wobble, I kind of disagree, I feel like its on the techno side, thoughts?

Panteros666 – Planetary Wifi (Monsieur Monsieur Remix)

Another remix, sometimes I feel like everything is a remix. This is a rework of Twista’s classic “Girl Tonight” by a recent discovery of mine named Neo Fresco and Korova, un-diggable.

Twista -Girl Tonite (Neo Fresco & Korova Bootleg)

Get everything in a zip package right here april3zip