New Run DMT Remixes, Getcha Shades Ready

Get cho ass down to these new bangers. Run DMT put out an official “Into The Sun” Remixes album that’ll make you wanna get as down and dirty as the beats that drop. Brillz, Singularity, Derek Allen, and Robot Empire all kill it with these tracks. His original intention was to release the album for free, but I guess all some people in the music industry see in amazing new tracks are dollar signs.Run DMT posted this status on his Facebook in relation to the confusion, “I love when a label sells music without telling me. The Into the Sun remixes were supposed to be free for you guys and will be soon. Hold tight please and save your money.” Rawrrrrr. You heard the man, but for now you can listen to them right here! Make sure to keep a look out on his Facebook for when they’re released as freebies so you don’t miss out! It’s always nice to see artists always having the best interest of their fans in mind, rather than just adding a few more 0’s to their bank accounts and having a couple less in ours, you feel me? If I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, it’s free it’s for me.

Into the Sun feat. Zeale (Brillz Remix)- Run DMT

Into the Sun feat. Zeale (Singularity Remix)- Run DMT

Into the Sun feat. Zeale (Derek Allen Remix)- Run DMT

Into the Sun feat. Zeale (Robot Empire Remix)- Run DMT