MGMT – Time to Pretend (Whole-Z Remix)


Whole-Z  maybe a foreign name to many of our listeners, but if you were ever to venture up to the bustling city (I use that word carefully) of Burlington, Vermont you are bound to walk into a club and find him and his homies on deck duty. Whole-Z makes the college bar rounds, enlightening drunk college girls and guys until the bars close when he heads down to the notorious basements of the college ghettos to keep the party going til first period. He recently sent out this MGMT remix in hopes of earning a spot at this years’ UVM Springfest featuring MGMT, Boombox, and People Under the Stairs. The remix is an absolute house animal, the attention to detail is insane as is the majority of his body of work. Unfortunately Whole-Z did not win (we’re sorry Andrew!), but we thought we should still show respect as it is on all of our playlists currently!

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