NERVO- Hold On Remixes

You know what they say, two is always better than one, and these two blonde bombshell sisters, together known as NERVO, are bringing you THREE amazing remixes of their hottest new single of the moment “Hold On”. All three tracks are so different from each other, so depending on whatever your mood in music may be at the moment, these guys have got you covered. Angger Dimas electrifies the track and creates a really fun banger with a ton of energy, while Fred Falke tones it down a little bit, mixing with some relaxing, less-high energy vibes. Pizzol brings a tribal-like atmosphere to the track by adding some drumming beats at the first big drop with a flare of snare. You guys can pick up the original “Hold On” track that’s on sale now on iTunes and Beatport, but stay tuned for the remix package that is said to be on sale May 7th!

Hold On (Angger Dimas Remix)- NERVO

Hold On (Fred Falke Remix)- NERVO

Hold On (Pizzol Remix)- NERVO