option4’s Do Work EP w/ Bit Funk Remix

do work

Bit Funk has done a solid by taking on remix duties for the and only option4, mastermind behind The Hundred and the entire underground nightlife of Denver, Colorado for that matter. The original track is 100% tech house approved, and as we see our audience taking a liking to this genre, we think this should be a track that could define said genre. Heavy basslines and deep vocals that option4 created himself in a closet in his underwear make for the perfect summer beat. Bit Funk takes this delicious original and brings an uplifting, disco club feel to the decks with a remix that will be played in club nights all summer long. I want to personally congratulate option4 on finding time to release such an extremely well produced EP while running multiple residencies and events in a city where snow is expected to fall again tomorrow. Keep reading to check out the official music video as well!