Orchard Lounge BVT: Ticket Giveaway + Meet and Greet

Orchard Lounge is back! It hasn’t even been close to six months and these dudes/dudettes are coming back to Club Metronome for what we know is going to be another sold out crazy night.

Last time these three were here there were lines down the block with people eager to get in and get loose as hell. Orchard Lounge is known for being very close with their fans, playing intimate venues and setting up secret late night, stumble across, private sets at almost every festival they go to.

So thanks to the guys at Electrode Entertainment we are going to be offering one free 21+ ticket as well as a chance to hang out with Orchard Lounge and meet the gang. So share this on Facebook, twitter, and shout it from the top of a mountain to increase your chance for the best night ever!

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