Review: Araabmuzik @ Output (BK) 4/10/13


Before I get into Araabmuzik’s performance, I want to talk a little bit about the venue. Output in Williamburg, Brooklyn is probably the best club in the 5 boroughs and let me tell you why. Manhattan is known for it’s nightlife, there are plenty of venues like Webster Hall and the Roseland Ballroom where big name DJs come to play. These big name DJs also play at some of the more exclusive clubs in the city such as Provocateur, Lavo and Marquee. But there is a huge issue with these clubs and the problem is that 75% of the people there are not there for the music. These clubs are about the image, the exclusivity, the silly doorman only letting some people in, the high price bottle service and tables. Don’t get me wrong, these clubs are great and a guaranteed good time, but once you settle in, you realize that most of the people there are being sold the image of being “cool,” getting a table and wasting most of their inherited money. I not a fan of Williamsburg, but Output is something else, and something that I would definitely take the elusive “L” train to get to again. Output is about half the size of the new Marquee in Manhatten, two floors, and has 3 full bars. Bottle service is available, but not necessary considering that you can sit at the tables if they aren’t occupied. Great stage with great lighting, and they have the Funktion-One sound system that literally rattled my bones. One funny/clever/great aspect about the club is that is does not allow any of it’s patrons to take photos, they will literally take your phone and delete whatever pictures you took. This place is a breath of fresh air in the NYC club scene and it makes perfect sense why greats like Sasha and Carl Cox have had incredible sets there, it’s because they are playing for people that actually are fans of them and their music.

Now, moving on to the main event, Araabmuzik. How can I put this. Seeing Araabmuzik live was like seeing a unicorn or a yeti, you don’t even know if what you saw was real or not. His live set was crazy. I’m a huge fan of EDM, and getting to see someone play reworks of songs that I love, live, in front of my face, by rapidly pressing pads on an MPC… it’s really something else. I don’t know how this guy hasn’t gotten carpal tunnel yet. Besides having a constant high energy level and the hardest hitting drum package that tested the limits of the Funktion-One sound system, his set list was dope too. Here is a list of tunes that he went through during his performance: “Pour It up” by Rihanna, “Mercy”  by Kanye,” Moombah” (Munchi Trap mix) by Chuckie, “Roll Up” (Baauer Remix) by Flosstradamus, “Swoop” by ETC!ETC! & Brillz, “Pop That” by French Montana and friends, “Turn Up” by Gents and Jawn, “Head Will Roll” (Kid Kamillion Trap edit) by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Epic” by Sandro Silva and Quintino, “I Can’t Stop” by Flux Pavilion, “Babylon” by Congorock, “Make It Bun Dem” by Skrillex, “Hold On” (Sub Focus Remix) by Rusko, “Wild For the Night” by Skrillex & ASAP Rocky, “Kyoto” by Skrillex, and some other tracks as well.

He didn’t just rework and remix one track after the other. He would slay each song and go to the next but would also come back to a previous song from his set. For example, he would be playing “Epic” but then drop “Moombah” mid rework even though he had played “Moombah” 15 minutes before.

Watching him live gives any EDM fan a little more appreciation for what live music, DJing, and EDM can be like. It also really makes you appreciate what a hard working dude Araabmuzik is, producing music and touring is rough, but when you actually see how exhausted he is from actually performing… You have to give this guy a lot of credit.

Here is a little clip I got to record

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