SAV & Happy Colors Give Us Good Times


SAV, the former member of Sazon Booya, has released his first EP under his new alias only a mere month since the very public break up. Collaborating with Happy Colors to create a killer three track moombahton experience has him back on his feet and under the lime light once again. SAV, standing for his initals (Stephen Alex Vasquez), will be a solo project that will take a cinematic approach musically. The project will fuse cinematic shorts and musical accompaniments according to his newly created Facebook page. Here are a few of his thoughts regarding the EP, you can download it via his Facebook page for free.

“There were a lot of remaining ideas I wanted to flesh out with Sazon Booya. Happy Colors is an up and coming producer who helped materialize a lot of unfinished ideas. Big ups to him for collaborating with me on this project! Special thanks for the fans as well! Without their words of encouragement and support this EP wouldn’t exist.” ~DJ SAV