Bro Safari & UFO Drop Long Awaited Animal LP

Animal LP

Finally the long awaited release of the compilation album from Moombahton gods Bro-Safari and UFO is here! After 16 long months the  Animal LP  is finally here, Bro Safari did offer some insight on the matter though: “Originally, we created about 16 tracks for the album, and then we narrowed it down to the songs that you have in front of you today. It was important to us that we create a collection of music that crossed multiple styles and genres, yet told a coherent story.” Blurring the line between Trap, Moombahton, and Moombahcore this hard hitting ‘Multigenre’ Animal LP brings the noise we have come to expect from this lethal duo. From start to finish the Animal plays through like a great mix, including a great assortment of tracks all working together to create the coherency Mr. Safari referenced above. One last thing, it is for FREE download below, so show these guys some love!

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