DallasK’s Alienz Leaves Me Wanting A Bit More


I’ve been following DallasK since pretty much the beginning of his career. Although he’s in his early 20s, he began producing in his teens. His sound was always hard-hitting and grimy Electro-House (true Electro-House, not Big Room House that many people are calling Electro-House these days). Songs like “Front/Back”, “Hyphy”, “Crush”, and his remix of Nas & Damian Marley’s “As We Enter” were always in heavy rotation for me when I really wanted to crank things up a notch. More recently, however, I’ve been a bit surprised by DallasK. His previous release “Vice” is an excellent track and very-well produced, but it’s a little softer (relatively speaking) than I’m used to. Yesterday’s release of “Alienz” (on Wolfgang Gartner’s Kindergarten Recordings), showed me that DallasK may truly be moving in a different direction, and in my opinion it’s for the worse. “Alienz” is a melodic Progressive House tune with extremely high production value, but it lacks that edge I’m looking for out of the Florida native. I actually like the intro the best, before the beat drops out. Don’t get me wrong, this has the workings of a festival anthem this summer, but it leaves me wanting a bit more. Of course, this is the same reaction I had when Wolfgang’s “Redline” first came out, but I’m a big fan now, so maybe my opinion will change. What do you think of “Alienz”?

DallasK – Alienz | Purchase at Beatport