Flosstradamus- Lana’s Theme (FREE DRINKZ RE-TWRK)

This down n’ dirty remix withholds two of my favorite things, Trap and Lana Del Rey. The guys from FREE DRINKZ made some moves and re-twrked Flosstradamus‘ “Lana’s Theme-Video Games Remix” and came out with this impressive track to premiere with Run The Trap. It’s one of those tracks that will make you break it down on the dance floor like you never even knew you could before, and not to mention obviously highly twerkable. I’d say it’s definitely my favorite Lana remix that I’ve heard thus far. There’s always a lot who try, but it seems like it’s hard to perfect remixing her stuff. After slowing the original Lana’s Theme down to about 100 bpm, FREE DRINKZ did a sick job with making this peppy flow work.

Flosstradamus-Lana’s Theme (FREE DRINKZ RE-TWRK)