So I’m thinking ‘cocorota’ means ‘turn up’ in Portuguese or Spanish?! Shit, I don’t know ’cause regardless this track is straight fire. Underground duo, Gent & Jawns released a new track – ‘Coco’ – for you to download for FREE here, today and I would highly recommend doing so! It has some trap + moombahton feels to it and if you’re a moombahton-ista like me, you’ll definitely recognize it and appreciate the mix of sounds. ‘Coco’ took me a few listens to get into but it’s nonetheless worthy of being identified as an upcoming hit. It’s vibes are much like the internet phenomenon everyone loves to hate, ‘Harlem Shake‘, but it sets apart from it because it’s not as repetitive (in my opinion). Stream the track below and remember to download it from the website + enter to win a customized Gent & Jawns jersey! Get coco y’all.

Gent & Jawns – COCO

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