Lazy Sunday With Some Old School Avicii

Avicii - The Singles (Official Album Cover)Sometimes the best music pops out at you after laying dormant in your iTunes for years. Being a part of the relatively late dance music wave, my intro to “EDM” was in the form of none other than the track we all love to hate and hate to love, Levels. It only made sense, then, that I’d pick up all of Avicii’s shit on iTunes. I mean, if it sounded like Levels it had to be fun, right? Well the first songs I bought were off of “The Singles,” a compilation of Avicii’s early work that, besides from “My Feelings For You,” was all too boring for a newcomer to dance music.

So on your typical Lazy Sunday/Cinco De Mayo, it only makes sense to dust off the old…files?… and see what I had missed since I went from dance music rookie to veteran Avicii hater so quickly.

Before he became all-too famous for his infectious melodies off of the likes of “Fade Into Darkness,” a young Tim Bergling was playing around the lower frequencies with bass-laden grooves reminiscent of dance music’s past. Tracks like “Street Dancer” and “Malo” may have utilize some strange elements in the build ups, but when the the bass comes in it all drops out to pure bliss. On the other hand you’ve got bare works that transition into straight dark house beautifully, like “Muja” and “Snus.” And, of course, there are your run-of-the-mill pop songs we’ve all come to expect with “So Excited” and “My Feelings For You.” (And if we can ignore our prejudices, we can admit they still rock.) On  the whole, the drumwork, minimalism, and style-shifting on the early singles remind us of Avicii’s versatility in the studio, even if he gets so much hate in the booth.

And what better way to prepare for his new album than to familiarize yourself with his whole repertoire, from groovy house to electro-pop? Because if his Ultra set was any indication, we’re about to experience yet another, even more massive shift in style from one of the world’s biggest musical figures. And remember: he’s only 23.

Don’t hate me till you check them out here, or just check the best below.

Avicii – Sound Of Now

Avicii – Muja

Avicii – Street Dancer