Knife Party is back for the summer with their much awaited Haunted House EP. The Knife Party Haunted House EP, a collection of four tracks, is now available to buy on both Beatport and iTunes. Their third EP features some classic sounds from the duo along with a less familiar one. “Power Glove” and “EDM Death Machine” are the most recognizable sounds from guys, very hard hitting Electro house, while “LRAD” is the duo’s first venture into world of Progressive house and it’s safe to say that these guys could do big things in whatever genre they decide to go into. “Internet Friends VIP” is a twist on the huge hit that we have been hearing for the last 2 years during their live sets.

Knife Party – Internet Friends VIP | Purchase on Beatport

Knife Party – EDM Death Machine | Purchase on Beatport

Knife Party – LRAD | Purchase on Beatport

Knife Party – Power Glove | Purchase on Beatport