In Case You Missed It: Marlon Hoffstadt & Dansson Bring the G-House with Shake That

hoffstadt shake that

Editor’s note: these songs are best listened to with bass. They are some funky Deep House/G-House tracks that have a kickin’ bass line and if you listen to them on your laptop or on your iPod headphones, you won’t be listening to their full potential. You’ve been warned.

The weirdest thing about “Shake That”, by Marlon Hoffstadt & Dansson, is that I heard it on a W&W Mainstage podcast. If you’re at all familiar with Mainstage, it’s a podcast that brings the latest and greatest in Big Room, Electro, and Trance – certainly not a typical place to hear Deep House. But there I was on a Saturday afternoon run, and there “Shake That” was in my headphones, and boy did my mood pick up. The track has a deadly combination of a funky bass line with Nate Dogg’s (RIP) sampled vocals originally from the track “Get Up” . Both producers hail from Germany and produced this track for the Deep House label Play It Down, which has the tag “here for real house music, nothing crazy, just good stuff”. The Jesse Rose Re-Fix doesn’t deviate too far from the original mix, but it does tweak the vocals to add more of a lyrical element to the track. The Shake That EP dropped at the end of March, which is why it receives In Case You Missed It status, but I cannot see this one going out of style all Summer.

I’m on my way to the liquor store
With E-V-E and my nigga Roast
Got too much game to be slippin’ on
I let you know if you didn’t know
It’s 4:00, club is lettin’ out
Met in the club now we playin’ house
I’m drunk as hell so I’m showing out
Put on my glove then I knocked it out

*Grab the Shake That EP from Beatport!*

Marlon Hoffstadt & Dansson – Shake That (Original Mix)
Marlon Hoffstadt & Dansson – Shake That (Jesse Rose Re-Fix)