Torren Foot- Rondo [Jump to This]

Torren Foot

On Wednesday, I posted a one-two punch of g-house featuring a fresh track and an equally impressive set from steezy French guys, Amine Edge and Dance. As is the custom with great mixes, one must begin the hunt for track IDs as soon as humanly possible. To make matters more difficult, Amine Edge refuses to post track lists due to a reason along the lines of “Go F*ck yourself, just enjoy my sets”. I can’t really be mad about that. These dudes post all of their performances and they’ve proven to be a bottomless supply of great music. In addition, I sometimes get a kick out of a good track ID challenge. That’s just the way it goes I guess. Luckily, I was able to ID a track that is sure to be a win with the Boston crowd (Go Bulls), courtesy of Melbourne-based producer Torren Foot. It was released in 2012 on a label called Jump to This. While we typically make an effort to post newer music, I think this one is too good not to post.  It’s Friday, and we have more g-house for you; I’d call that a win.

 Torren Foot-Rondo (Original Mix)

Torren Foot-Rondo (Eddie Stephens Remix)


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