kaskade atmosphereWe first heard it on the main stage as Kaskade opened up what was to become a flawless set at Ultra, we heard a deeper, toned down version when he got intimate with his much acclaimed Redux Tour, and now it’s finally here for those staying at home. Along with a massive arena tour announcement, the release of “Atmosphere” has begun the whirlwind of excitement we last felt before “Fire & Ice” as Kaskade headed up the legendary Identity Tour two summers ago. In the world at large, it’s Kanye season. To the electronic music diehards, it’s officially Kaskade season.

Atmosphere keeps up with Kaskade’s transition to big room sounds that we saw emerging in “Fire & Ice,” and it hits hard. Massive progressive synths build from the bare piano that made “No One Knows Who We Are” such a hit. This time, however,  Kaskade keeps his feet even firmer in the emotional realm, especially when it drops. Turning the BPM down to 123 and using his own vocals for the track, he keeps it real while turning it up to 11.

Kaskade – Atmosphere

Pick it up on iTunes or Beatport and be sure to try and snag some tickets if you’re lucky enough to live in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, or Chicago.