Evan Duffy’s Cover of ‘Alive’


When I think of the most powerful and emotion filled instrument the piano is the one that takes the cake.  There are only a few instruments in the world where a whole concert can be centered around just that instrument alone.  It can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can bring a room full of people to their feet all of which are reasons we listen to music in the first place.  Now concert piano may not be your thing, and most likely you follow MMIBTY for the electronic side of things, but when somebody is taking electronic music and turning it into amazing concert piano compilations it is very hard not to listen.  Chances are Evan Duffy has taken one of your favorite songs and transformed it from the electronic medium, beautifully into the piano medium.  Anywhere from trance to dubstep this kid has been lighting the keys on fire for a while now.  The incredible way in which he hears the music and brings it to us is really something to marvel over.  He hears sounds that maybe you never even thought were there, and if they weren’t there in the original production you sure start to wish they were. Have a quick listen to his latest piano cover of Krewella’s Alive. Follow him on Facebook and subscribe to his Youtube to see who he covers next.