Avicii – Wake Me Up

avicii-wake-me-up-612x612Avicii’s back. After premiering it to cries of “country” at Ultra, Wake Me Up finally gets its formal release, and (hate me if you want) it’s amazing. Seamlessly blending folky banjo riffs (it’s been jokingly called a Mumford & Sons reinvention) and seriously soulful vocals  by Aloe Blacc into an electro vibe, Avicii might have finally dropped the stigma of a talentless pop-house act and erupted as a true musician. (The legendary Nile Rodgers gave nothing but rave reviews during their time in the studio) While it may not get any real air play, it’s without a doubt one of the most surprising and diverse releases of the summer.

Pick it up on iTunes today. Trust me, give him another shot. It’ll be worth it.