City of Dreams, Showtek Style

city of dreams showtek

“City of Dreams” is a festival anthem by Dirty South & Alesso (featuring Ruben Haze) that came out almost a year ago, at the end of August 2012. If you’ve been to any dance music festival, Big Room/Progressive House show/arena spectacular, or listened to Boston’s 101.7 Evolution over the past year I’m almost positive you’ve heard the track. While I’m not the biggest fan of these types of hands-in-the-air festival anthem singalong songs, “City of Dreams” certainly caught on among the masses. I’m not much of an Alesso guy these days, but he certainly knows the formula to produce songs that crowds go wild for. Dirty South, on the other hand, is one of my favorite main stage staples and I respect all the work he’s done in his career to make him as big of a name as he is (and I loved his Ultra 2013 Main Stage set too).

The boys who are Showtek have had a massive past 12 months (check out our interview with them from Identity Festival 2012). When I say you’re probably familiar with “City of Dreams” if you’ve attended dance music festivals in the past year, then you are most definitely familiar with Showtek music as well. Since moving away from their older Hard Style sound and moving into more of a Big Room House vibe, their songs such as “Cannonball“, “How We Do”, “Get Loose”, “Slow Down”, and more have been massive hits. Showtek’s take on “City of Dreams” is no exception and is one that caught my ears. While the melodic singalong stays intact, Showtek have created an Electro drop that is sure to please dance music fans looking to get away from the cheese.

Dirty South & Alesso ft. Ruben Haze – City Of Dreams (Showtek Remix) | Purchase on Beatport