Funkystepz-Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild EP

The UK is coming in strong with this dirty trap, “Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild EP”. At the end of May, Funkystepz released their EP with Moveltraxx and it is now available for a download using Juno or iTunes! The tracklist includes remixes from a dope string of artists including Big Dope P, Lazy Flow, Ezekiel, Hush Hush Pony, and it even has an instrumental edit. I’d say that’s quite the line up right there. If you haven’t heard of any of these artists yet, it’s always the right time to expand your horizons and give some awesome new music a chance! They all give “Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild” a new feel, so you’ll be sure to find one you love in the bunch, if not all of them.

Funkystepz is a cool three person collective from London, including two producers, Renay and Stimpy, and a DJ, Maxsin. They seemingly work very well together and possess a sort of positive connection that definitely shows in their music. I love their funky style and energy in their work and this EP is absolutely worth listening to! Check it out and be sure to give them a like on their Facebook page and a follow on their Twitter!

Full–> Amsterdam Girls Go Wild EP

Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild (Original Mix)

Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild (Big Dope P Remix)

Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild (Lazy Flow Remix)

Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild (Ezekiel Remix)

 Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild (Hush Hush Pony Remix)

Amsterdam, Girls Go Wild (Instrumental Edit)