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I’ve been a longtime fan of Montreal-based duo Love Thy Brother for their consistently stellar ability to bring rock and funk influence into their remixes in such a unique manner. Now I have another reason to be a fan: their remix introducing me to the wonderful voice of John Newman. You might had guessed that Liam and Clarke are indeed brothers, which isn’t something you come across very often in production world, but when you do, you know that there’s something in the blood that makes for great music ability (cough, cough, Disclosure, cough). Love Thy Brother fills out his warm voice with with some funky electric guitar and big-room piano. The remix pack sees its official release on June 30th with other remixes from Gemini (very excited to hear that one as well), Kove and Ejeca. If you’ve never heard Love Thy Brother’s other material, be sure to check out our artist spotlight on them.

John Newman – Love Me Again (Love Thy Brother Remix)