I’m very excited to bring to you an exclusive premiere by our friend Spaveech. This guy, a New Jersey native, is a straight up hustler who continues to pump out track after track of quality music. We posted his previous production, a remix of Incubus’ “Stellar”, barely a week ago and we’ve been making note of his awesome Trap remixes such as Sander Van Doorn’s “Joyenergizer”, Afrojack’s “Rock the House”, and Tommy Trash & Ashton Shuffle’s Sunrise. I’m also very partial to Spaveech’s Trap remix of “Make the Crowd GO”, originally by Alvaro. If you’ve been following Spaveech at all you know that beyond his awesome production skills his unique quality is to often throw several songs into one as if it was a mini-mix or mashup on its own.

Today’s exclusive premier, however, is a Spaveech original track called “Makah”. Stepping away from the Trap game for at least a minute, “Makah” is a Big Room House tune with a booming sound. It doesn’t quite fit into the new Go To War type of sub-genre that we’re seeing a lot of, but it does scream main stage festival banger. Here’s what Joe had to say about the track:

Although I’m well-known for my Trap remixes, I wanted to continue to keep my tracks balanced with all different genres.  I feel that bouncing between genres helps me keep the creativity flowing.  I also plan on putting out a lot more original work in the future.  Remixing is always fun, but i think it’s important to take your sound to the next level and show your fans what you’re really capable of with your own original work.

Thus, I bring to you Spaveech’s original track “Makah”! (If you like it show him some love @Spaveech on Twitter)


Download Link: