Kid Kamillion Drops a Double Feature [FREE DOWNLOAD]


You know when a guy like Dillon Francis plays one of your songs in his set that you have something special on your hands.  Not only did Mr. Francis just play one of Kid Kamillion’s songs, he opened his set at Ultra Music Festival with Say Whut! undoubtedly an incredible honor.   Though Kid Kamillion is still rather unheard of, only 2500 Facebook Likes, I would bet a quick Kamillion that you have heard one of his tracks at your local club.  Busting onto the scene with his Heads Will Roll Remix the Kid has been tearing up the Trap scene dropping bangers left and right.  His newest offering, Double Feature EP, made up of bangers Sex Panther and Say Whut! are filled with awesome samples and intricate bass work that is sure to fill the dance floor. Grab these songs while they are hot and if you are to play these songs loud on the right speakers they are sure to work 60% of the time, every time.