The 20K for GTA Bootleg Pack


Yesterday the boys who are Miami’s GTA (Van Toth & JWLS), released a three-song bootleg pack in celebration of hitting 20,000 Twitter followers. That many Twitter followers is a pretty huge deal and it’s a sign that you’ve made a name for yourself regardless of what industry you’re in (I mean, we’ll be happy when we reach 1,000 Twitter fans – FOLLOW US!). If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground in the dance music world you already know that GTA have produced some bangers that have been popular in many DJs’ sets, like the addicting “Hit It” (produced with Digital Lab and Henrix) as well as “Booty Bounce“.

The 20k Bootleg Pack may be lacking in quantity, but it surely packs a punch (and hey, it’s free so you can’t exactly complain). My favorite track on the collection is easily GTA’s Drop the Bass Edit of “Genie” which was originally produced by Van Toth. It’s got some great bounce to it, and most importantly it has a different sound to it – something exotic-sounding. I wasn’t particularly fond of “Back to the MegaTroll” which is a mashup of Astronomar’s “Back to the Beat” and Avicii & Nicky Romero’s “I Could Be the One (Nicktim)”. Essentially it’s the lackluster “Back to the Beat” eventually dropping into “Nicktim” and doesn’t really do it for me. GTA wrote that they made the mash to troll people in their sets. Finally we’re presented with “Fucking Got the Life” which is a mashup of GTA’s remix of “Fucking Lose It” by Breakdown and Korn’s “Got the Life”. Yes that’s right, a song by Korn made it into a dance music song. This one really has a special place in my heart, as I was a pretty big Korn fan growing up, especially of “Got the Life”.

If you like this pack, make sure to show the GTA boys some love and to help them continue growing their name!