Knife Party – LRAD (Jorts Remix)


Moombahcore is not really something we hear much of these days but when we do, I usually take an interest. Completely out of nowhere, unknown producer Jorts (yes, I said Jorts) does one of the most insane flips of Knife Party’s “LRAD” I could’ve ever imagined and not a moment too soon. While KP’s Haunted House EP only dropped a matter of weeks ago, the booming war anthem of a track has been heard on seemingly every main stage imaginable for its ability to get the crowd jumping. Jorts takes that energy and cranks it up to insane levels while also managing to balance the remix out with softer sections and varied drops, improving on the original’s eventual monotony. While only having 33 fans on Facebook and 60 followers on SoundCloud, Jorts certainly deserved increased attention after this remix. This needs to come to the attention of a big DJ looking to crank up their set, as this is a potential name-maker for Jorts. Pick up the free DL below the player.


Download “Knife Party – LRAD (Jorts Remix)”