Pets Recordings Leaves a Different Mark

different marks

The head honchos behind Pets Recordings, Catz N’ Dogz, are best known for their deep cuts and tech house anthems and most recently their infamous BBC Essential Mix. However, over the weekend they released a very special collaboration album that may supersede all previous work and is one hundred percent closer to their hearts. I am happy to introduce you to Different Marks, the collaborative project between Martin Dawson (King Roc, Two Armadillo), Grzegorz Demiañczuk and Voitek Tarañczuk (Catz N’ Dogz). Forming a relationship based upon music, it quickly grew into so much more as they became addicts, the studio becoming their drug. Martin started to play guitar again, Greg fell back in love with his old vinyls using them as inspiration, and  all those years Voitek spent in choir started to become very useful. The album also samples some amazing vocals from legendary voices completing a full three-sixty of their taste of music.

Unfortunately, Martin past away in November of last year shortly after the album was completed. The tragic circumstances behind his death have made this project even more important to the members who live on and they want everyone to enjoy the passion and love that went into this complete musical work for free. It truly is something special.

Download the Entire Album Via Their Website