Diplo Claims the Crown and Makes Way to Ocean Club

diplo crown

Wasn’t expecting this but Diplo, master of all forms of life, has decided to toss up a freebie to celebrate one million devoted followers of his always entertaining Twitter account. Diplo lives on Twitter, having more than double the amount of followers than Facebook with his great satanic commentary, pictures of himself and the Lazer crew around the world, and the occasion image of waking up in a new Bugatti. Diplo tirelessly connects with his fans with more submitted photos than even Borgore, so it only fits that he gives “Crown” away for free to say thank you to all of us. Teaming up with Mike Posner and Riff Raff for lyrics and import producer Boaz van de Beatz, the team makes a track worthy for a king. The track just screams Diplo, and I’m sure he will be screaming it as he plays it out during the final summer months.

Now for anyone of you living in New England, you may have heard of this little place called Ocean Club set right on the Atlantic Ocean some miles south of Boston metro. OC is notorious for bringing in the big name acts and this weekend is no exception. Does Boston have what it takes to Express Themselves? Find out this Sunday at Ocean Club with Diplo and Grandtheft!


diplo ocean