Today New York-based producer/DJ Dennis Ferrer released his latest single “Mind Ur Step” on the UK label Defected Records (home to Bob Sinclar, Chocolate Puma, Yousef, and many more). If you haven’t heard of Ferrer or you aren’t too familiar with his music you have a lot of catching up to do; he’s been in the House music scene since the mid-90s. I first heard of him several years back when listening to the compilation Avicii Presents: Strictly Miami and his track “Hey Hey” was a featured cut (Strictly Miami is a VERY solid compilation and I highly recommend you check it out for a bunch of tracks off the beaten path). Probably Ferrer’s most notable track and a global bomb when it came out in 2010, “Hey Hey” is both soulful and funky, with catchy vocals and a sexy, thought-provoking music video.

“Mind Ur Step” is a Deep House gem that, in the words of Ferrer, “Is close 2 my heart. It’s about treading lightly on the person u love whilst in this biz”. The 7:44 minute track features the perfect vocals of Chicago singer Janelle Kroll. Taken from Beatport, I couldn’t describe the song much better: “Fiercely modulated bass throbs lead the way while twisted percussion and neon synths flick playfully in and out of the mix, leaving Kroll to deliver the emotional punch with her powerful vocals”. Productions from Ferrer are a rarity these days so you know when he comes out with something new you need to take notice. Well, notice this one.

Dennis Ferrer feat. Janelle Kroll – Mind Ur Step | Purchase at Beatport

Cranking up the funk a little bit more we have Umek & Groovebox‘s collaboration “Cause and Effect”. This Tech-House party jam was released last week on Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records and has been featured on both Umek’s podcasts and Knight’s podcasts. If the lyrical sample sounds familiar it’s because it came from rapper Q-Tip’s track “Breathe and Stop”, released back in 2000. Obviously the vocals have been pitched up to match the 125 beats per minute of “Cause and Effect” but if anything they add to the flavor of the track. While you’ve likely heard of juggernaut Umek, Groovebox is relatively new to the scene but is fast rising as a Tech-House DJ and producer. Keep your eyes open for work by both gentlemen in the future because no doubt we will continue to see and hear great stuff by each.

UMEK & Groovebox – Cause And Effect | Purchase on Beatport