CC/NN – Illusions Mix & Artist Spotlight


Some mornings are just better then others when it comes to searching low and high around the web for good music, that’s just a fact. Today has started off on the right side of the bed though for sure when I woke up to a shiny new mix from Denver local and good friend of MMIBTYCC/NN. Elliott Baker, working under his solo moniker CC/NN has been churning out some truly amazing mix tapes in the past couple months. With an amazing ear for the dance floor, CC/NN utilizes his extensive musical skill combined with a massive knowledge of live production to create some truly enjoyable hours of music from start to finish. Touching on the deeper side of house, a dash of nu-disco, and some well placed hip-hop these mixes are sure to excite the mind and spirit, “Bodhicitta Beats” Baker calls them. Below you can grab the brand new Illusions Mix from CC/NN and just in case that isn’t enough you can also grab Baker’s super fun Fourth of July mix, simply titled MMuricca. You can catch CC/NN live at the next Holy Undergorund BBQ at Larimer Lounge, and keep an eye on that Denver shows page for more show info and local talent to come!