HOME Fridays: Kaytranada Preview & Yolanda Be Cool Show Review


After an amazing showing last weekend from Kidnap Kid and Yolanda Be Cool, I couldn’t be more excited for tonights HOME Friday’s event featuring Kaytranada. With last weekend being the first show we at MMIBTY helped out with at NORAD Dance Bar, we would like to thank everyone who came out and partied with us, it was a hell of a night! But it’s on to the next one, and tonight Kaytranada will blur the lines between house music, hip-hop and R&B with his arsenal of remixes. Kaytranada, hailing from Montreal just released the recording of his most recent BBC Radio 1xtra mixtape for your listening pleasure below. At only 20 years of age, Kaytranada has been making waves around the web with his R&B and Hip-Hop  bootlegs, and with tonight being his Denver debut and first tour in the states I imagine we will be blessed with quite a show. Be sure to check out Kaytranada’s newest mix and hit up his Soundcloud for loads of free music and great bootlegs. If you aren’t familiar with tonights opener Option4 check out one of our favorite new tracks from him below, a Holy Underground collaboration featuring FLASH/LIGHTS. Also be sure to take a look at the photo album from last weeks HOME Friday featuring Yolanda Be Cool and Kidnap Kid, and I will see you on the dance floor tonight Denver!

Photo Album from Yolanda Be Cool & Kidnap Kid at NORAD Dance Bar Courtesy of Mic Shots.

Event Info: Kaytranada & Option4 at NORAD Dance Bar Tonight!

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