I have been following this guy for quite some time and always keeping his productions in my back pocket as a little secret weapon when I need to get things real dirty. I do not know much about Low Steppa but everything that comes out on his/her media feeds is awesome and usually free, which well, who can’t dig that?

Today I was at the gym lifting really heavy things and putting them back down usually right where I found them when Low Steppa‘s  mix titled “LOW STEPPA MIX SESSION FOR CROOKED HOUSE” began traveling into my brain. Soon a whole bunch of “Puh..” and “Wot..”‘s started silently making their way out of my face as Mr. Steppa brought to the table some brand new music and some really clever transitions and use of vocal samples.

Stay a while and listen to this great mix from a guyt I really do not know much about at all, except he is from across the pond.