I Am Legion

EDM supergroups seem to be a new and ongoing trend.  Recently there have been a lot of EDM supergroups forming: Dog BloodDestroid, and Grizmatik to name a few.  Now add I Am Legion to that list.  I am Legion is the newest EDM supergroup consisting of Noisia and Foreign Beggars.  Noisia is known for their hard-hitting, dark drum & bass while Foreign Beggars is known for their hip-hop and dubstep.  Fans of both artists should be excited about this unique collaboration.  In June Noisia and Foreign Beggars announced they were working on a project together which would result in an album being released.  They later announced the project name would be called I am Legion, and they also announced their self-titled album would be released September 2nd.  The album is scheduled to have 16 tracks; a very impressive amount which will hopefully appeal to Noisia and Foreign Beggar fans alike.  The album is heavily focused on bass music, and in an interview with Vibe Magazine the EDM supergroup described the genre of the album as ‘Futuristic Electronic Rapshit.’  I am Legion will be going on tour in the fall with the majority of the stops in Europe as well as a few shows in Australia.  The electronic supergroup released their first single, ‘Make Those Move‘ on July 15th.  ‘Make Those Move’ was made available as a free download on their website, and it received great reviews from fans and critics alike.

Today I Am Legion released ‘Choosing For You.’  This is the second single off of their self-titled album.  An accompanying music video for ‘Choosing For You’ premiered on Rollingstone.com on August 16.  While this track could be classified as trap or even hip-hop, dark bass music seems to fit the best in regards to its genre and sound.  Foreign Beggars kill it with their rapping once again, referencing the Illumanti on several occasions throughout the song.  The song brings some new beats and sounds to the table which is extremely refreshing; nowadays it seems that fewer artists in the bass music scene (especially trap) seem to experiment with ideas and sounds off the beaten path.  I’m beyond excited to listen to the other tracks on the album because I know they will be just as good.  Take a listen to ‘Choosing For You,’ and hopefully you’ll become a fan of I Am Legion.  Their album drops September 2nd.

I Am Legion – Choosing For You