Kill Paris is a Funky White Boy

kill paris

When White Cherry released their hit single Play That Funky Music back in 1976 I’m not sure anyone knew how big or what was to become of the instant classic. The track has bridged generations flawlessly as covers can be heard at festivals and shows across the world still to this day. The lyrics are so iconic, you find yourself singing and grooving along with easiest of effort. Many DJs have incorporated the track into their sets as a way of transition, but never have a heard such bass treatment as that given by the oracle, Kill Paris. Building a cult following is hard, but Kill Paris has had no trouble recruiting devotees over the past two years. With such soulful, heart pounding beats, that just pull at your every feeling it is hard to find anything to dislike about the man and his music. Below is a fun track that can be easily used in your set or just thrown on to liven up the party!