Jack Meets Brooklyn Bounce Thanks to Codes [FREE DOWNLOAD]

codes jack

By now most House music fans have been groovin’ out to Breach’s “Jack” for a couple months. Even if you’re not a fan of that funky booty bass, chances are you’re aware of the tune; it’s a monster. Since the time “Jack” started catching fire various remixes and edits have come out and some have been better than others. While I always enjoy a good remix, I personally believe the original mix of “Jack” is the best. Well, that’s until I heard Codes‘ remix. The Brooklyn-based producer/DJ, on Slow Roast Records (Brillz, Craze, Kill the Noise, and more), prides himself on his Brooklyn Bounce style and he absolutely brought the bounce with his remix of “Jack”, released yesterday for free on his SoundCloud page. Codes sped the track up to make it more energetic, added more layers with some classic House synths, and in my opinion chose some better kick and snare drums. And guess what? This is just the beginning – Codes is due to release a free track every week until the end of Summer (which isn’t until September 21st for those of you jumping the gun).

I stopped everything I was doing to post this track once I heard it, so believe me when I say you need to stop what you’re doing and play it. Thanks to Earmilk for the tip.

*click free download to be linked to Codes’ Facebook page and download site*

Not familiar with Codes? No problem, check out this awesome mix he just released (tracks after the jump):


1. Hazzaro – Girls And Boys
2. Doctor Dru – U Don’t Dance
3. My Digital Enemy & Jason Chance – Feel It In The Air
4. Codes – C.U.F.I. (Can You Feel It)
5. Josh Butler – Got A Feeling (Botan Remix / Pleasurekraft Edit)
6. Moon Boots – Love Strong
7. Foamo – Release Me
8. Jonas Rathsman – Bringing You Down
9. Cajmere, Dajae, Oliver $ – We Can Make It
10. Eats Everything – Hevvie
11. The Brooklyn Shuffle (B’s Boot)
12. Ripple – The Beat Goes On (Codes Remix)
13. Issac Christopher – The Good Old Days (Jam & Keys Remix)
14. Jesse Marco – Superstar
15. Tradelove – Street Player
16. Codes – Disco Acid Juice
17. Dom & Roland – Filter Fury