Valentino Khan – Cavepaint

valentino khan

I’m always excited when Valentino Khan comes out with a new track because his tracks are always unique; you never know what to expect from him. Yesterday he dropped his new song titled Cavepaint. The track first debuted in a mix that Khan did for Diplo & Friends on BBC Radio in March. After waiting four months for Cavepaint to be released, his fans will not disappointed with this new banger. Cavepaint definitely shows his flawless ability to continually produce great songs over a wide range of genres. Valentino Khan started out making moombahton and electro-house tunes, but recently he has gained popularity from his trap tunes. It’s great to see Khan take a step away from trap, and Cavepaint confirms that he can still produce great electro-house bangers.

In the past Valentino Khan has remixed his own tracks by putting a completely different spin on them. Yesterday he also released his Trap VIP remix of Cavepaint. The Trap VIP Remix of Cavepaint is great too, especially if you like your daily dose of trap.  Khan is kind enough to release these two songs as free downloads on his Soundcloud. Release your inner cave-man or cave-woman by listening to and downloading Cavepaint!