Jaymes Young – Dark Star (Milkman Remix)


Our fascination with the Milkman started earlier this summer at the Electric Daisy Carnival in New York City. Having just escaped the sweaty 7 train and passed through the wonderful strip search we found ourselves getting drawn to the Circuit Grounds. The heavy pulsating electro hosue beats blasted through the summer heat as the name Milkman projected across the massive back drop. Looking at each other, we knew not of this producer, but needless to say, Milkman stayed with us well after that weekend. Last month, he released his Machines and Dreams album, which sat on repeat for the better part of a week in my car. And now the Milkman is back, with an extra special remix of  Jaymes Young‘s Dark Star. The uplifting melody of his vocals meets the heavy synths and bass that makes Milkman one of my favorite electro house producers currently. I threw in the EDC mix in case you wanted an extra heavy delivery of milk this weekend.