krooked drivers late night radio

We’ve received quite a few writer applications lately (apply here if you want to join our team) and one of the questions I always take an interest in is the question that asks what the applicant thinks the next big genre in electronic music is. I’d say that most of the applications list trap (which, honestly, is already the big genre) or deep house (which, also, is pretty much there) for an answer but I’ve received a couple lately that have responded with electro-soul and electro-funk. With the rising popularity of Griz, Gramatik and their collaborative project Grizmatik, as well as the clear staying power of Pretty Lights and the rest of his PLM crew (think Michal Menert and Break Science), there’s no doubt that the genre has the potential to break into the forefront of the dance music scene. One artist I’ve been keen to keep my eyes on is Denver’s Late Night Radio. LNR’s sound is reminiscent of Pretty Lights’ earlier and, interestingly, more recent work in that it maintains a downtempo and soulful feel, giving the head the unconscious impulse to bob to the beat but never reaching the point of aggressive. Late Night Radio’s latest is a remix of his friends Krooked Drivers‘ single “Only For You” and is one of my favorite releases of his yet. He cranks up the electro component in this remix, but doesn’t leave behind the soulful horns and pronounced organ riff. Free download as well.

Be sure to check out this 7 minute minimix LNR did a few months back which really shows off his mixing talent in hip-hop and soul.