I’ve been keeping my eye on Jorts ever since the release of his moombahcore remix to Knife Party’s “LRAD”, which remains one of my favorites of the many, many remixes of that track. Jorts is a great example of a kid with a passion and a talent for production – in the year since he started producing under his current moniker, he has churned out over 10 originals and remixes, ranging from electro to dubstep to moombah to trap. Despite only having amassed 35 Facebook likes (come on, don’t you have more friends than that bud?), Jorts is no doubt a great talent in the studio (or the bedroom, as the case more likely is) and has a bright future if he sticks to his instinct and keeps producing quality music like this, his latest, “Cloudworks”. The track could just as easily been produced by Mord Fustang, and at times it certainly sounds like it was. Making use of delicate sections contrasted with speedy and scratchy electro drops, Jorts has in “Cloudworks” one of his finest productions to date. Here’s what he had to say:

“The most upbeat and airy song I’ve probably ever made, hence the name. Ironically, also the dirtiest drop I’ve ever crafted. That said, don’t let the fake drop at 1:00 fool you. I spent many long hours on this, hope you enjoy! Many more original tracks will be on the way.”

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