Galavant’s “Tonight”


Every once in a while you come across a song that takes you back.  Whether it’s the vocals, the drop, or maybe a new sound is introduced, you just start to feel an attraction to the song.  What results is keeping the song on repeat and enjoying it time after time.  When I first heard Galavant’s, Tonight I knew they had something special on their hands.  As the song goes into its break, one of the most impressive vocals I have heard brings this track to life. With her awesome range and creative up and down note play it is hard not to be in awe. I am not yet sure who the vocalist on the track is but damn does she have talent.  Though I think the vocals are the strongest piece of the track, the rest of the track is nothing short of a progressive banger.  With an epic upliting feel, a catchy note progression, paired with these awesome vocals the sky is the limit for this song and for Galavant. O did I mention they are from Sweden? Go figure.